Studio 45 Ceramic Team

Studio 45 Ceramic Team


Welcome to Studio 45

Studio 45 is a busy hub and interactive learning space for potters and ceramicists.  It is an open-plan learning environment where members and students alike have access to wheels, kilns and equipment as well as technical know-how.  We provide weekly classes in ceramics from beginners to advanced and specialist weekend workshops on glaze technology, low impact firing, women making big pots etc. and kiln building.  We are also offering low cost courses for special interest groups and low-income individuals.

Our aim is to train a new generation of Makers who are not only conscious of the materials they use but also conscious in how we interact with each other.  Studio 45 is a Community of Makers.  Instead of encouraging competition we encourage peer support and skill share in a cared for and supportive environment.  We have 15 spaces for members interested in advancing their practice and are working on an official apprentice ship scheme. We are working hard on raising awareness around the toxic materials used in some ceramics and how certain materials have been mined.  Moving away from modern exploitative practises towards local materials, kind to the environment and kind to us. 


  • To create an interactive learning environment to relearn the skills we are currently in danger of losing

  • To create a mutually supportive and creative environment and allow artistic expression to blossom

  • To minimise competitiveness and encourage peer support and skill share

  • To provide access to expensive equipment and technical knowledge

  • To create a research group dedicated to using materials indigenous to the area and explore low firing techniques

  • To create a lending library of ceramic and art books

  • To create culture, to be conscious in how we deal with each other

Pass it on!

I have been a potter for 25 years and mostly self-taught over that time.  I am self-taught not through choice but through the reality that there have been few people available who are willing or able to teach.  Ceramics is a fascinating and wide-ranging subject and one that I have been immersed in all of my adult life.  It is my passion.  I am in the enviable position to be able to teach what I love and with that comes a responsibility that this knowledge needs to be passed on.  We have lost so much of the skill our ancestors took for granted and this resurgence of interest is an opportunity to be able to re-learn and re-skill.  So, along with my team I am creating a space and a community of makers willing to support and encourage each other in their creative process.  Following the path of the Maker is not an easy one and is counter-culture.  If you want to make a lot of money than I suggest looking elsewhere!  But if you are looking for connection, of daily interaction with Earth, Water and Fire, to learn how to take a raw material like clay and turn it into something beautiful and useful then this might be just what you are looking for.

Richenda MacGregor

Creative Director