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Encaustic & Raku Tile Making Workshop - £180

Encaustic & Raku Tile Making Workshop

Studio 45 @ Staverton - (Sunnyside Cottage, Staverton, Totnes, TQ9 6AG)

When you are starting out in pottery it is difficult to match expectation with finished result.

This course generally guarantees that you will walk away with tiles that you will be really happy with and the knowledge and technical know how to be able to make them at home. Encaustic tiles and Raku firing are two very particular techniques that most pottery classes won’t teach you.

Taught by Mel Chambers and Richenda Macgregor who between them have at least 30 years of knowledge in ceramics. Not only will you be carving and designing your own tiles on the Saturday, you will also be learning by direct experience how to fire work in a gas fired oil drum, designing and glaze application.

Over the weekend you will –

  • Learn some of the history of encaustic tiles
  • Carve between 5-6 of your own tiles and learn how to apply slip
  • Design and glaze 4 of your own bisque fired tiles
  • Glaze and fire your own Japanese tea bowl
  • Learn the history of Raku firing and the origins of Wabi Sabi
  • Experience the sheer pleasure of firing an out door kiln

As well as relaxing and enjoying the stunning Devonshire countryside and delicious organic lunches and home made cake.