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Intoduction to Glazes - £100


This is a workshop exploring the mysterious and sometimes confusing world of stone ware glazes. Spend the day/s immersing yourself in experimenting with glazes, mixing your own and learning how to Is glazing a mystery to you?  Do you buy a glaze and then get frustrated that the beautiful colour advertised comes out an insipid brown?

Join the ranks!  This is a one-day introductory course into the mystery and alchemical processes of glaze technology.  It doesn’t have to be slog, it can be exciting and fun.

On this day course you will learn –

  • What makes up a glaze

  • What the various components of a glaze material are

  • Learning how to tell the difference

  • Introduction to metal oxides

  • Experimenting with various recipe’s and base materials

  • Learning how to mix up your own glaze and get the results you want.

  • Delicious organic lunch and cake in a relaxed environment.

Plus plenty of tea and cake and a delicious organic lunch