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Working with Ash Glazes Workshop

Ash Glazes

Did you know that the ash of an Oak tree contains all the right minerals, in the right proportions to make a glaze?  Or that the ash of simple sea shells will give you one of the main components needed in a glaze?

Over this weekend we will be working with the ash of various trees, shrubs, shells and seaweed.  We will be experimenting and trying out various recipes, using local materials, harvested in a sustainable manner.

  • Over this weekend you will deepen your understanding and knowledge of glaze components
  • Begin to understand the various local materials which will give a good base glaze and various colours
  • Learn how to use the ash from your own fire place
  • Have time to do your own experimenting
  • Have access to teachers with a good understanding of the subject matter
  • Delicious organic lunch and cake on both days as well as a relaxed and peaceful environment

“It is important for us to begin to investigate our heritage and to discover or rediscover the materials that are left unused on our doorstep.  So much of the raw materials Artists and Craftspeople use has travelled unnecessarily or has been mined in atrocious working conditions.  We re-empower ourselves when we change our working practice to include local materials harvested sustainably and begin to produce work indigenous to the environment and place we live in.”  (Richenda)