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The Magic of Hand Building - Making Pots for Obvara firings with Imogen Taylor-Noble - £180

Hand Building for Obvara.jpeg

Explore handbuilding techniques which can be developed further to create pieces suitable for Obvara firings.  Covering a range of different approaches to making which incorporate texture into the making process as well as being applied to the surface after the piece is built.

Over the weekend you will –

  • Learn a range of handbuilding techniques, including Kurinuki, to create pots which have a textured surface. Textured surfaces are especially interesting as they are enhanced by the effects of the Obvara firing. 

  • Be using carved stamps to create pattern in the surface of the clay before we explore different ways of stretching the clay to form the piece.

  • Explore making personal stamps for pattern and texture making.

  • Experiment with using found materials for pattern and texture making, using objects from the natural world alongside vintage textiles.

  • Try our hand at surface treatments such as water etching, carving & fluting.

  • Make a series of pieces, which will be suitable for the Obvara firing in June.

 Tea and cake and a delicious organic lunch will be provided