REGULAR Membership

£120-£130 pcm

(minimum commitment of 3 months)

  • All members will receive up to 15 hrs access to Studio 45 weekly. 
  • Members will be issued with a fob key and will have access from 10am until 9pm daily except Mondays.
  • Access to a technician from 10-1pm week days only
  • Use of wheels, tools, some kiln space and other equipment is included
  • Storage space with the option of more storage space if needed
  • Glazes and glaze materials are also included
  • Clay separate but can be bought from Studio 45 at cost price or access to recycled clay depending on availability.
  • Opportunity to join termly shows and exhibitions
  • Space on Studio 45 website for biog, pictures of current work and website address
  • One firing pcm (43 litres, not transferrable)
  • Access to a lending library

Membership plus

£150-£160 PCM

(minimum commitment of 3 months)

Includes all of the above details listed in the Regular Membership with the additional option of either a ten week course or a weekend workshop each term (x3 per year).

This is a general over view of our membership. More details will be sent when you register your interest below. 

Tools copy.jpg

What we require from our members

As a communal space, we do expect all of our members to contribute in keeping the space clean and tidy.  Workspaces are to be left tidy and clean and any spillages dealt with immediately.   Tools used should be cleaned and returned to the allotted space, wheels kept clean after each session. We will have a deep clean of the space termly and all members will be expected to help with this.  Pugging of used clay will also be an on going task.  For any of you interested we will be running ‘volunteer Wednesdays.’  Jobs will include glaze technology, mixing glazes and slips and experimenting, running the lending library, general cleaning, tile making for glaze experiments and courses.